qatab-featured-image QAtab is a web application to ease collection of feedback on websites during a review cycle. It is easily embedded in a website via a JavaScript snippet or loaded via a bookmarklet and integrates with existing ticketing systems so that you can have ticket creation be separate from the workflow for processing a ticket. The concept for QAtab grew out of a need I saw for making it easier for people to provide feedback on a web site or web app that was being developed; and capturing specific, frequently unreported, details (including URL and browser) automatically.


ajo-screenshot AjO is a web app to help Home Performance Professionals keep track of approximately 300 different statistics and values related to home performance. It provides a single place where details related to Energy Costs, Water Efficiency, and Indoor Air Quality can be tracked and saved to provide a comprehensive portrait of a home’s performance and a quantitative measurement of the gains from home upgrades related to energy, water, or quality of life. I worked with the project stakeholder to take the project from initial concept on paper to a fully functional web application with user login and data storage.

NC Meltdown 2014

meltdown-add-statistic Sierra Nevada Community Health Plan wanted to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the Nevada County Meltdown by re-igniting the program as a precursor to an overarching Healthier Together initiative, but without all of the manual record-keeping that was involved in tracking statistics 10 years ago. I joined the project project a couple weeks before launch and put together a simple web application to make it easier to track fitness-related statistics as individuals but then aggregate them across organizations and teams.