Practicing, Teaching, and Sharing – Utility Tracker

You get better at something by practicing. You gain a better understanding by teaching and sharing. I’ll be combining these ideas by blogging my activities practicing the craft of web development. I plan to build a simple project every few months to explore new areas and technologies and grow my knowledge and experience.

My first project will be a utility tracker. I want to be more aware of our utility usage and tracking it will be a good way to increase my awareness.

My plan is to create a single page app that leverages offline storage and syncs with a Rails back end. I’ve thought about adding push notification as a reminder to take measurements and I’m sure that charting would be good to have but the first thing is just to get a simple app out and usable.

Capabilities of my MVP will be:

  1. Select a utility
  2. Enter a value
  3. Save the value
  4. View a list of saved values

Initially it will not be backed by a persistent storage. This let’s me avoid server-side services and any kind of user login. I may add support to export and import data to enable some kind of rudimentary self storage, but my initial goal is to keep it simple.

My next blog post will discuss the technologies I’m considering and talk through why I’m planning on using what I’m planning on using. I may pick something that’s not as appropriate as something else. I may encounter issues and change my approach. We will have to see as we go. In any case I will keep the repository public and discuss approaches, issues, and resolutions here.

Nevada County Meltdown 2014 – Healthier Together

I’ve been working with SNCHP to create a web app for the 2014 Nevada County Meltdown. We are kicking it off today with an event at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.

With the app, you’ll be able to create an account to track your own weight-loss or get-fit statistics and join teams to work towards your health goals with other people. The app works on your desktop, tablet or phone so that it’s easy to capture exercise details when they happen.

This was launched on a very short timeline so the features are a bit limited but we’ll be adding more throughout the 8 week challenge.

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